Increasing Effective Leadership Interactions

va·len·cy  [vey-luhn-see] n - the capacity of a person to react with or affect another in some special way, as by attraction or facilitation of a behavior or activity.

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Multi-rater (360) Feedback Coaching

Our coaching incorporating multi-rater instruments provides feedback to enhance the effectiveness of individuals and build stronger teams. Driving Continuous Improvement in the realms of diversity and inclusion, change management, strategic decision-making, and other company initiatives.

Change Management

Our change management practice prepares, supports, and helps individuals, teams, and organizations make organizational change work.

Leadership Program Development and Delivery

We create and deliver leadership development programs enabling leaders to learn and apply knowledge in ways that benefit them and the organization's bench strength. Programs for all levels of management are available from middle management to senior leadership.

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When employee engagement wavers, it leads to challenges in the retention of top talent, disrupting  the organization’s ability to deliver a high standard of service. Our Mutual Mentoring process is designed to facilitate and encourage engagement of your organization's employees, thereby supporting retention that enriches a more diverse talent pipeline.

Valency Consulting LLC
an Organizational Development and Training consultancy

 Working with Fortune 500 Corporations and non-profits, we successfully develop and implement strategies increase organizational performance through leadership development, mentoring, and team alignment. Valency Consulting's experience encompasses education, manufacturing, defense, insurance, financial services, and pharmaceutical organizations. We have practical applications working with leaders and groups at the startup phase and all stages along the team life cycle.

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  • Team Building and Alignment
  • Change Mangement
  • Leadership Programs
  • Development & Delivery
  • Employee Relations/Engagement
  • Multi-rater (360) Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Facilitation/Meeting Effectiveness
  • Employee/Client Surveys
  • Reverse Mentoring
  • Mutual Mentoring
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